I’ve been in bed for days… Last year on being pregnant I decided that it would make perfect sense for me to take 6 weeks maternity leave and jump back into work seamlessly as if nothing had happened. All that has happened is that I have picked up every cough, cold, asthma, stomach problem going and I have now crashed. Not only that but I seldom get to see my gorgeous daughter because she is in full time nursery and nanny care. Yes, I got it wrong, and no I can’t get out of it because I have a massive mortgage and selling and downsizing/ renting is not a financial option. So, grumping, here I am, bored and setting up a blog. If I do anything with this, if I save one person from slipping up like I have, then I have done a great job… and I am not talking about just mum’s hear – this is all about life choices. I read an article today on Simon Cowell and how he has everything but the capacity for a long term relationship. Maybe he does not see anything missing, but I wonder if he will look back at some point and wish just a little bit that he could’ve kept someone close, and had kids (I assume there are none hidden). I read an article in the Sunday Times a while ago about someone who had pulled together a list of things people on their death beds had wished that they had done in their life, my dad read this and it brought up a lot of emotion as my mother died last year and he wishes so much that he could turn the clock back and change a few things. These included, living the life true to themselves, not as others would expect of them, wishing they had not worked so hard and spending more time with family, a courage to express feelings, staying in touch with friends, and understanding that happiness is a choice and there is nothing wrong with doing a bit of silliness now and again. I was once told I was a friend’s happiness inspiration. I need to get this back.